As a Principal of the firm, Derek Nash has personally had more than 35 years’ experience in the architectural profession, including 8 years as a senior design and project architect with a large multi-disciplinary practice and the last 20 years as Principal of his own practice. He has experienced the full spectrum of architectural responsibilities on a wide variety of projects, including residential, bank, office, showroom and retail developments, large scale industrial complexes, local government and community developments (halls, theatres, churches, child care, sports and school facilities). With such a diverse scope of knowledge, Derek looks at a design brief with a broad understanding of both micro and macro issues at hand.


Fellow Principal and award winning designer Lorraine Ghersinich, has a range of skills and expertise that include design, interior design, contract documentation, contract administration and office management. With over 30 years in the industry, including 23 years as Principal of her own practice, Lorraine collaborates with Derek on all aspects of design, manages the office and leads the interior design team.