What’s Next

Whats Next – What’s Next is a new venture from Lorraine Ghersinich and Derek Nash, principles of the highly regarded architecture and interior design firm nash+ghersinich architects and interior designers. What’s Next was established as we like making a difference in people’s lives but understand that people are often nervous committing to an architect or a re-build of their property in the first instance.  We realised there is a need for a one-off consultation with ‘no strings’ attached.

With over 20 years experience of working in the design, construction and property development industry, we have seen the impact of people having to re-work their homes, as they have not wanted to commit to the cost of a ‘grand plan’.  However, without a vision for your property, over time issues can arise.  Countless times we’ve seen clients who’ve tried to solve individual issues without looking at the bigger picture first and invariably this requires costly rework or having to work around the issue.